PT. Sanba Industries Indonesia

we always proud to provide the best

PT. SANBA INDUSTRIES INDONESIA is a manufacturing company, which producing parts for heavy equipment, trucks and buses.

In Indonesia, we formally established in 2012.

Our production area is a direct extension from Sanba Industries Co., Ltd. – Japan, which is the holding of our company.

Sanba Industries Co., Ltd. – Japan has been established since 1952 with a wealth of long experience and business doings in the world of manufacturing in Japan. Upholding quality that is integrated with standardization and implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 is the basic guideline production of our holding.

We realized that Indonesia is a country with a potential for very high growth manufacturing industry.

Therefore, we want to contribute to the development of Indonesian economy growth, especially in the industrial field.With the spirit and principles instilled by our holding,

which is Diligence, Accuracy and Unity,                

“ We always proud to provide the best for our customers… ‘’